In 1750 count of the dike Hauke Haien builds a dike in Bildt, in order to protect the Friesian people from the water for the coming centuries. The residents are very distrusting towards the life work of the count, fueled by gossip and the seemingly impossible fight against nature.

Directing and music

Director Jos Thie is well-known for his impressive theatrical spectacles at extraordinary locations. With “De Stormruiter” he presents the biggest theatre production in the Netherlands in 2018. The “Wëreldbänd” reinforces the story “De Stormruiter” with magical music, which will captivate you as a spectator.


Especially for Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018, the Cultural Capital of Europe, director Jos Thie has created an impressive adaptation of Theodor Storm’s drama “Der Schimmelreiter”.

The Friesian Horse

One hundred splendid Friesian horses play the leading role in “De Stormruiter”. These noble animals will be part of an unforgettable show one has never seen before.

In the fight against the water

“De Stormruiter” is a story about a man’s struggle against the seemingly insurmountable forces of water. A fight that is already as old as time as one constantly tries to be the master of nature, but is still up-to-date with the current attention for climate change.

Translation during the show 

During the show it is possible to make use of headphones. This gives the possibility to listen to an English or German translation of the show. There are costs involved in using headphones.

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At this moment all shows for De Stormruiter are sold out. We are investigating the options for more shows. For more news and the latest updates keep an eye on this webpage!




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VANPLAN“De Stormruiter'” try-outs will be on September 6 and 7, 2018. The premiere will take place on September 8, 2018.

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